Pre-Rolled Joints Dispensary

Cannabis Pre-Rolls?

When you’re in a cannabis dispensary, you’ll see a growing trend in the industry — pre-rolls. As you probably expect, these are simply joints that have been pre-rolled by a cannabis vendor, the dispensary, or a brand.

What Are Pre-Rolls?

While recreational marijuana use has long involved rolling joints, pre-rolls are increasingly making that a thing of the past. This is especially true with medical cannabis, where patients seeking therapeutic relief may never have previously used cannabis and have no idea how to roll a joint. Pre-rolls are joints that someone else made, taking away the hassle and variables involved in a person making his or her own joints.

Pre-rolls consist of a wrap or paper, ground cannabis, and a filter or crutch lodged firmly at the pre-roll’s base. Pre-rolls come in all sorts of sizes and weights, everything from what would look like a typical “joint,” although much more uniform, to a large pre-roll the size of a small cigar. They come in single joints or multipacks.

Why should I Buy PRe-Rolls Rather Than Rolling my own?

While some people enjoy the process of grinding flowers and making joints, most people don’t miss the whole messy business. Pre-rolls are packaged so they are easy to transport, can be stored, stay together, are discreet, and offer all types of flower and potency options.

Pre-rolls also enable a person to try a strain at a fraction of the cost. This enables a person to see if this strain works for their therapeutic needs, without committing to more product.

Are Pre-Rolls the Same Quality?

In the past, there was a question with the quality of pre-rolls. Because they are pre-wrapped, the consumer cannot look at what’s inside. Formerly, pre-rolls were made from “shake,” the bits and pieces that fall off the manicured buds (nug) while in dispensary jars. That’s where variances in quality could arise, as the pre-roll maker could throw in other parts of the plant, such as stems and leaves that are cut away from the bud before curing. This decreases the quality and potency, as the pre-roll now has less of the flower and more of the rest of the plant.

Quality has vastly improved with the growing demand for cannabis for both cannabis and legal recreational marijuana states.